A Children's Photo Storybook by A. D. Asher
My Friend the Sunsphere



January 27, 2019

Friendships And Opportunities

Getting involved in the Authors Guild of Tennessee has given me new friendships, opportunities and options.
We members are comfortable emailing or calling each other about anything that concerns or entertains us. We share requests for encouragement, such as when we’re promoting our books, and for prayer, such as when health issues arise.
At the first meeting I attended, I elected to be on the Library Committee. I thought I’d just sit there quietly until I figured out the lay of the land. I also figured, if I can singlehandedly alphabetize my spice rack, I can maintain control of a pile of books. But I underestimated the time, focus and energy required to keep the Library Committee running, and am grateful to other members for stepping up.
Luckily, another member said they needed someone to find events where we could show and sell our works, and organize participation at these events. I do that for my book all the time anyway! Being Events Coordinator is definitely in my comfort zone while stretching my boundaries to include all members. I’m helping others as I keep doing what I was doing all along.
It’s blessedly satisfying and has opened up myriad options, a dizzying variety of events and locations. Coming soon to a festival near you!

December 12, 2017

As Seen On TV

Funny how life responds when you ask, “What’s next?”
After my book was featured in the Knoxville News Sentinel, I pondered that question and had a flash of insight: Get my happy self on TV!
So I emailed the local stations and received the first response from Christopher Milano, producer at WVLT. He expressed genuine interest in the book, the story behind it, the details I focused on, and its success.
Before filming, Mr. Milano instructed me to look at him, a few feet to the side of the camera, and not AT the camera. Knowing the camera was rolling, a silly instinct took over and I look like a hunted woman with my eyes darting back and forth, Milano-camera-Milano-camera.
I’m actually a rather introverted person, as evidenced by my whopping 35-friends-and-climbing Facebook profile. To psych myself up for confidence while being filmed, I thought of my recently-passed-on grandmother. GrandMama was fascinated with the book’s every detail, so I imagined I was talking to her, updating her on its progress.
Swinging one generation the other way, I also wore rings that remind me of my children, to uplift my mind and know they’d be cheering for me. Yep, that’s why I’m flinging my hands around on TV. Rings-camera-rings-camera.
While Mr. Milano was perfecting the segment (i.e. removing my hunted look), Emily Stroud, reporter at WBIR, called and said, “Let’s meet tomorrow at the Sunsphere. It will be on TV within the week.”
I agreed, being of the mind that book promotion goes hand in hand with shameless self-promotion. The 3-weeks-before-Christmas timing also gave me the impression that God is winking at this situation.
When filming was concluded I asked Ms. Stroud, “Did I look smart?” to which she gave the apt advice, “Let it go.” I complied, realizing that neither she nor photojournalist Brian Holt had yelled “Cut!” while I yammered.
Although I regret that Mr. Milano’s segment was not first on TV, I am blessed out of my mind that this book has been publicly represented in myriad awesome ways.
Guess I better get my happy self to Paris now. My Friend the Eiffel Tower knows…what’s next!
WBIR Interview WVLT Interview

November 8, 2017

Great things keep happening in such a short time. The Sunsphere should be spinning around like a twirling dervish by now!
“My Friend” has been blessedly well-received, appearing in book signing engagements, taking short rest stops in stores and on museum bookshelves, getting to travel to faraway places thanks to online purchasers, along with being introduced to a wider audience thanks to Steve Ahillen’s professional treatment in the Knoxville News Sentinel, and being 👍'd on Facebook.
I am so grateful. Thank you, to everyone who smiles upon “My Friend,” you are wonderfully appreciated!

August 27, 2017

So much has happened this month, all of it awesome!
I’ve been blessed to spread the word about the book and have been pleasantly surprised to make unexpected sales: a server at a sandwich shop whose curiosity played into my bookselling efforts, my bubbly teller at the bank, the charming gal who runs the parcel-shipping store, a friendly associate at a pharmacy, and gals with whom I attend a spiritual group.

It quickly became obvious that selling a book is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but I am grateful to each one of you for contributing to my Get-Out-of-Mortgage-Sooner-Rather-Than-Later ideology!
(Wow, I did a web search on that to check spelling and it means: imaginary or visionary theorization.)

Creating this book has greatly increased my confidence, just the simple fact that I had an idea and did what it took to bring it into physical reality. When friends-- especially young moms -- tell me, “I wish I could write a children’s book,” my immediate response is always, “DO IT!”

Who cares how long it takes? Baby steps or giant leaps, it’s not the pace that matters. Everything that has ever been created has started with… a thought. Add focus and effort and there’s nothing holding you back! Do it.

August 8, 2017

Additional Local Locations have been added, check them out!

August 4, 2017

A warm Thank You to all who attended the book’s first public event, August’s First Friday ArtWalk at the Visitors Center! Each one of you contributed to the fun atmosphere and smiling ambiance. Most of all, you boosted my confidence just by being there with your genuine interest and positive vibes. I am grateful to count each of you among my blessings.

July 29,2017

The books are in and the website has gone live! (kind of obvious since you're reading this here...)
We picked up the pallet of books in Charleston last week and they are now ready online as well as at the Visitors Center downtown.
More locations to come soon!
The day after we placed them in the Visitors Center, a crazy stroke of luck came our way:
the Visitors Center offered to feature 'My Friend the Sunsphere' at 'Knoxville’s First Friday ArtWalk' this coming Friday, Aug 4th.
We would love for you to pop in, at 301 S. Gay St between 5 and 8 pm, for the book’s first public event.